ihsan Sharif

Ihsan Sharif

En. Ihsan has almost 32 years of working experience and was involved in Safety Committee, Vice Chairman for ERT, In-charge of Calibration System for TS 16949, Committee member for ISO 9002 EMS, ISO 14001 EMS.

He has conducted the Chemical Health Risk Assessment for almost 19 years. Some of the clients were Samsung Corning, Mega Steel, Petronas Facilities Kertih and Gebeng, Hitachi Consumer Products, Hitachi Electronics, Sejingkat Power Station, Toshiba Manufacturing, Brothers Industries, Utusan Print Corp, Megasteel, Felda Plantation, Felda Palm oil Mills.

He has also conducted Noise Monitoring for almost 10 years for clients such as Wipro Manufacturing Services, MMI Precision Manufacturing, Wipro Subang Jaya, GLT Energy Sdn Bhd, GLT Renewal Sdn Bhd, Rompin Palm Oil Sd, Kilang Sawit Triang, ERL Maintenance Support Sdn Bhd, Biopower Climate Care Sdn Bhd, Metro Havana Sdn Bhd, Seoul Electronic & Telecommunications (M) Sdn Bhd, and Pusat Service Temerloh