Industrial Pollution : Planning Ingenuity Decision Ahead of Its Time

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Event : Enviro360 Virtual Conference 2022 

Topic : Industrial Pollution : Planning Ingenuity Decision Ahead of Its Time

Speaker : Ir. Zulaikha Binti Mokhtar (P.ENG, MIEM), Senior Assistant Director, Department of Environment (DOE) Headquarters

Duration : 1:12:59

Enviro 360 Virtual Coference 2022 brings you insightful discourse on industrial pollution covering the primary factors, regulations implemented, and preventive measures related to industrial pollutions in Malaysia. The conference will bring together government bodies and agencies, and industrial experts to understand the challenges and ways to overcome industrial pollution. As we all know that industrial pollution sourced from many sources that are formed and have different absorptive capacity and caused several pollutions including air, water and soil. Hence, the conference will expose which pollutant sources are highest causing industrial pollution in Malaysia, the effects of industrial pollution to air, water and soil in Malaysia. Also, the preventive measures that existing government body defying this issue will counter in making the nation a better place.

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