What will Generation Z prioritise in 2024?

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According to the instagram trend talk survey, young people want to be more creative in the way they dress next year. (envato elements pic)

Last month, Instagram revealed its major trends for the New Year, highlighting the habits and interests of Generation Z. In the spotlight is a focus on more sustainable fashion, meaningful connections on social networks, and a desire to take responsibility for themselves and to educate others on important issues.

The 2024 Instagram Trend Talk survey gathered data from members of Gen Z in various countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, India and South Korea, to explore their interests and preferences in a variety of areas.

Here are the highlights.

Beauty more sustainable and individualised

When it comes to fashion and beauty, Generation Z is moving towards more sustainable choices, with a tendency to buy fewer new clothes, reuse existing outfits, and favour local shopping. Fashion trends for next year include modest dressing, an interest in vintage items, and the adoption of a more “unexpected” and personal style of dress.

A third of Gen Z participants surveyed said they wanted to be more creative in the way they dressed.

In the realm of beauty the focus is on individual expression, with particular attention paid to new hairstyles and the discovery of signature fragrances. A quarter of respondents plan to “express themselves by discovering a signature” fragrance in 2024.

More meaningful connections

When it comes to social networks, young people intend to prioritise meaningful connections, using social media to maintain contact with those around them, and keep up to date with the latest trends. Interactions on Instagram, such as sharing stories, or sending reels or memes in DMs, play a key role in connecting with others.

When it comes to love, members of Gen Z will focus more on personal development and deepening their current relationships. Some 63% of respondents said they were single.

Swapping social media handles instead of phone numbers is becoming a common practice in social interactions, with 28% of participants having already taken this step.

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There is growing interest in vegan and plant-based foods, with almost half of those surveyed keen to try these dietary alternatives in 2024. (envato elements pic)

Among the techniques used to flirt on Instagram, young people prefer to like their crush’s story, add them to their list of Close Friends to share more personal stories, or put them in a photo in a story or photo dump.

A better version of oneself

In terms of lifestyle, Gen Z plans to focus on self-improvement and personal development, envisioning 2024 as a year of personal growth. Their priorities include staying healthy, exploring different career paths, and travelling.

As far as what they plan to eat, there is a growing interest in vegan and plant-based products, with almost half of those surveyed interested in experimenting with these dietary alternatives.

When it comes to celebrities and activism, a large proportion of Gen Z identify as belonging to various fan communities, with these fandoms mainly themed around television, music and video games.

Young people also plan to become actively involved in causes close to their hearts, notably through education, voting, and using social networks to raise awareness of various issues.

These trends create a portrait of a generation concerned with sustainability, authentic relationships and self-expression, actively shaping global culture through their choices and habits on online platforms.