Fire Safety Awareness and Emergency Preparedness

Fire cause property damage, injuries, and fatalities. As many of the offices and factories damaged by fire in Malaysia are never rebuilt, a fire at work can also result in employment losses. Fire safety training is a vital component of preserving a secure workplace and preventing fire.

Workers can remove fire threats and react swiftly and effectively if a fire starts with the right training. Without the right training, a little event might escalate into a huge one with dire consequences.

HSEClick Admin · August 27, 2022

This lesson will provide participants the basics of fire safety and basic firefighting skills. In this lesson, participants will be introduced to topics such as legal provision of fire safety in Malaysia as well as the chemistry of fire, basics of fire prevention and etc, all according to the guidelines set down by the appropriate authorities.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand fire hazards and common causes of fire at the workplace
  • Understand the legal aspects of fire safety in Malaysia
  • Understand the nature of fire, ways to prevent fire, and how to correctly fight an incipient fire  
  • Perform correct evacuation procedures

Target Audience

General Staff, Safety and Health Committee member, Emergency Response Team, Safety and Health practitioners and Students (Tertiary Level). 

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