Combating Climate Change Post Pandemic

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Event : Enviro360 Plus Virtual Conference 2021

Topic : Combating Climate Change Post Pandemic

Panelist 1 : Mr. Ahmad Farid Bin Mohammed
Deputy Under Secretary, Climate Change Division,
Ministry of Environment and Water (KASA).

Panelist 2 : Dr Zelina binti Zaiton Ibrahim
Board of Directors, Center for Environment,
Technology and Development Malaysia.

Panelist 3 : Wong Wie Ming
Air Pollution Control System (APCS) Specialist.

Duration : 53:44

Enviro360 Plus 2021 a virtual conference which brings you the top discourse on industrial pollution that causes climate change. The conference will bring together discourse between government bodies and agencies, industrial experts, and competent persons to understand the challenges and ways to overcome climate change due to industrial pollution. The conference will share panellists’ insights of the statistics of polluted air, water and land due to waste management. This is crucial so competent persons will gain understanding how challenging this issue is. Also, there are discussions on climate change in general and the enforcement to overcome this issue.

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